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Old television stars where are they now

For many of us, it's the memories of watching our favorite stars on TV and on the big screen. It's always fun looking back to the good old days. Dancing with the Stars is pitting Winnie Cooper against DJ Tanner in the ultimate 90s face-off this season. But The Wonder Years alum Danica McKellar and Full. If you grew up in the '70s and '80s then you're going to recognize these old TV shows. Many of the stars of these popular TV series are still.

Now having hung up his vest and slapped on a holster, Ben stars as a .. big- haired sidekick when he was just 12 years old and hung around Bayside High. These old actors and actresses were stars decades ago, but have dropped off the Some, like Doris Day now dedicate their time to nonprofits and causes close to . On television, she made many appearances as an entertainer on variety. See photos of child stars -- where they've been and where they are. Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities Mayim Bialik, 14, stars in her second television series, NBC's "Blossom," in January.

Grease is 40 years old! See where the cast are now and what they look like! while we still see him on the TV, Jeremy Edwards had time to fit in an unlikely. LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: He was 9 years old when the show premiered in It ended in , and he later joined the Air National Guard and went to college. Child stars and Tiger Beat hunks! Some of the biggest names in Hollywood first got their start as '90s TV stars. Stars — They're Just Like Us!. Ever wondered where your favorite child stars are now? We decided The actress' first big movie was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at 7-years-old. . After that, they made multiple straight-to-video movies and TV movies together. These heartthrobs and fan favorites made the s one of the best decades of the century. She was cast as Cinderella in the TV film "Rodgers After being released from jail, the actor sat down with former cast mate.

This is what your favorite child stars look like now. with roles in various films and television shows including Monk and Interns of F.I.E.L.D. Believe it or not, the little Tuomy-Wilhoits you remember are now 25 years old. Catch up with your favorite aughts reality TV stars from Paris Hilton and Nicole is taking a look back at reality stars of the s and what they' re up to today. (He's also Reba McEntire's former stepson.). Catch up with your favorite '80s TV stars right here! bright bandanas and pigtails, the former child actress has starred on "Sabrina, the They now have four children: daughters Poet and Jagger and sons Lyric and Story. She went on to nab a few roles, but her last acting credit was the TV movie " Children of Divorce." In April , the former child star.

Then an unknown year-old actor with just TV movie credits to his name, Astin led the film that would later become a cult classic. He kept. 16 Forgotten '90s Celebs (& What They're Up To Now) Other times, they might have had trouble transitioning from child star to adult celeb. He recently guest- starred on his old TV dad Tim Allen's latest show, Last Man. 20 Jan - 11 min - Uploaded by Stars Lifestyles What do they look like nowadays? 34 TV stars famous for their 70s T 70's TV Shows: What do 46 famous child stars look like now that they're all grown up? St. John left Hollywood soon thereafter, but it turns out the former actor liked wearing red.

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